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Welcome to
La Sal Creek Horse Ranch

Premier horse retirement in South West Colorado

160 acres in Southwest Colorado, a long-term horse retirement, boarding ranch providing a natural free-roam life. The ranch is divided into 5-20 acre pastures. The pastures are Colorado mountain grasses that offers high nutrition and natural appeal. The ranch rests in a long wide canyon. Red rock sandstone walls tower 250 feet above the ranch providing natural weather protection.

Give your horses the lifestyle they deserve. Room to roam, friends to play with, pastures to graze. They are always under a careful eye, being checked throughout the day.

We don’t get the winter weather that falls upon the Colorado Mountains, it’s much milder here. Summers are wonderfully sunny and never too hot. The Ranch is remote and pristine. You’ll wish you could retire here.

Freshwater La Sal Creek flows year around through the entire ranch.

Studies show that free movement and exercise maintain a horse’s health and well being best. When laying-up, easy movement encourages healing.


Individualize your horse's needs. We provide the attention and care you want and then observe them daily to adjust to their best care.

The ranch house is located in the middle of the ranch so consistent observation is part of life. Horses are our passion, and caring for them is what we do. Natural horsemanship and positive interaction is our style.

Designed for:

  • Retirement for a job well done. They can stay the rest of their lives.

  • Rehabilitation from injuries where a few months is needed for healing

  • Rest and Relief from stress, overcrowded barn, or inclement weather (hot or cold)


About the ranch

  • The Ranch is divided into 8 pastures ranging from 5 – 20 acres for grazing rotation and small groups of horses that ‘play well together’. Rotation minimizes parasites and promotes nutritious grasses.

  • There is free range, mountain grass grazing throughout the Spring/Summer season. During the winter we feed mountain grass hay and/or alfalfa mix that is grown in the area.

  • La Sal Creek runs through the entire property providing fresh, sparkling water year around. If weather drops or horses need it, warm water is provided in the winter.

  • Natural large trees and brush provide weather protection, which horses prefer.

  • Barn and corrals for temporary health and wellness.  The goal is to allow the horses ‘life on the range’.  But when they need some assistance, the barn is there.

  • Fences are smooth wire, gates are 6 rails smooth pipe. Corrals and paddocks are 6 rails smooth pipe

  • Because of the remoteness, horses should be in generally good health.

     You’ll feel confident and relaxed knowing you’re giving your horse their natural lifestyle and consistent care. Horses are continually monitored for their safety and well-being. They are treated with care and respect. We individualize your horse's needs. We provide the attention and care you want and then observe them daily to adjust to their best care. This includes feed supplements for joint care, hoof care, nutrition etc. Medications as needed. Health programs are maintained automatically and as needed, worming, vaccinations, etc. Hooves are trimmed as needed. We maintain all records on computer. There is an extra charge for the specific service, not the record keeping. We groom all horses regularly to monitor their condition. The TLC & human interaction kept them healthy and happy. 


Prior to arrival all horses must show proof of coggins, immunizations and recent worming. This protects everyone’s horses.


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