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Health care services we offer

Veterinarian Services

Horses are under our constant observation. If a horse is looking or behaving questionably, we will contact the owner and suggest a Vet exam.  If owner is not available and it is determined to be urgent or an emergency, the Vet will be called out.  The ranch is remote and the Vet is an hour drive away.  Owners are welcome to request a vet exam at any time. We will help owners set up an account with the Vet Clinic as needed.

Coggins Test

A negative Coggins Test for Equine Infectious Anemia, EIA within twelve months is required before arrival protecting all animals.


Dental Exams will be performed annually in the Fall. The billing will be added to the next invoice.


Pasture rotation and pasture harrowing is part of the health program especially important for parasite control. We periodically take fecal tests that allows for accurate deworming. If owners prefer we’ll provide routine worming. Deworming required prior to arrival and if not will worm and quarantine horse for 48 hrs.


Daily medications that the ranch managers can administer will be given on schedule. Horse owners are responsible for the cost of medications and veterinary services. We will arrange the reordering of horses' medications.

Hoof Care

Your horse's hooves are trimmed as necessary, usually every 6 – 8 weeks. We encourage barefoot and will certainly allow corrective shoeing.


We schedule the vaccinations for your horse. Vaccinations required before arrival, and vaccinations requests and schedules will be set up with each owner.
• Tetanus
• West Nile
Note: These procedures are extra and will be billed to your account


The horses live around hundreds of trees and bushes. This makes blanketing difficult and even dangerous should the blanket get caught on a tree. We have found that horses grow healthy adequate winter coats when living outdoors and allowed to transition naturally. If a horse is a little “off”, we’ll bring them into the barn. At that point it is beneficial to have a blanket for them. We have some blankets at the Ranch, however we are happy to store a horse’s personal blanket. Blankets should be waterproof with a fleece lining.

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